What is a trade approved scale? A trade approved scale has been tested by the National Measurement Institute of Australia and been found to comply with the weighing regulations governing trade transactions. When the unit is approved for trade by the N.M.I. it will carry a distinctive approval number that should be in clear view. Although a scale is approved for trade by the N.M.I. it still must be certified by a licensed scale certifier and a compliance certificate issued. Able Scales is licensed to certify scales and provide this certification.

Do I need a trade approved scale? If the scale weight reading contributes directly to the final transaction price then yes you will need a trade approved scale. This is most commonly where the weight is directly multiplied by a price per weight unit to achieve a total price. When pre-packing goods into random weight packages, i.e. each weight is different and therefore so is the price, then a trade approved scale would be required. If pre-packing to a nominal weight, ie a 5 kg bag of product, then a trade approved would most likely not be required. As a rule of thumb it is always prudent to check with your local trade measurement authority regarding your particular application to ensure you make the correct equipment selection.

What is the difference between a balance and a scale? Generally a balance weighs to a lower resolution than a scale. E.g. a typical balance may weigh 3kg x 0.01g and a scale 300kg x 100g.

Are the Cash Register and Point of Sale Equipment GST compliant? Yes, all equipment sold by Able Scales is GST compliant as well as conforming to Trade Measurement specifications. S1/O/A tags are shown on all equipment when scales/or scanners are attached to ECR.

Are the products Able Scales sell made in Australia? Many of the products Able Scales sell are produced in Australia as well as Japan, Korea and other parts of Asia. We do not sell any product without ensuring the highest quality standards have been met.

Services and Warranties

Are Able Scales products covered by a warranty period? Yes, all products sold by Able Scales are covered by a warranty period which varies from 12 months to 5 years depending on the model.

How do I arrange a warranty claim? A warranty claim should be returned to Able Scales initially. We will then coordinate the claim with our service department as well as the relevant manufacturer. We will also endeavour to provide back up equipment where possible. A proof of purchase, in the form of an invoice or warranty card, should accompany a warranty claim.

What is covered under the standard equipment warranty? Warranty covers against any defects in the material and workmanship negligence during the manufacture or assembly of the product for the period of the warranty.


How long can I hire for? We have hire available from one day to permanent hire (12 months and ongoing).

What is included in my hire price? Scales will be calibrated and Certificate of accuracy issued on request. Cash Registers will be programmed (amount of programming depends on model) and two extra cash registers rolls supplied. Training on how to use equipment will be offered.

Do you deliver? Yes, we can deliver or courier hire items depending on the location that goods are required.